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Oleksandre (Sasha) Tkachishyn began his dance career at age of seven. At that time his mom, Svitlana Tkachishyn, was teaching understudying dance group of Yunist honored dance ensemble of Ukraine. This is the official title given by Ukrainian government because of level and achievements of that dance group. At the age of twelve he joined ensemble Karpaty (teenagers group). In 1996 Sasha arrived in Edmonton together with his parents, choreographers and producers which came here under invitation to teach the Ukrainian dance style, create dances for local groups, run seminars and workshops, adjudicate different dance competitions etc. In Canada he kept learning the dance theory on different international seminars, practically getting dance experience with Nadiya (Hope) Choreographic Ensemble directing by Svitlana and Bogdan Tkachishyn. Sasha got a Certificate of accomplishing four-year international summer dance school in Ukraine (Lviv)

with the variety of ballet, character, folk and contemporary dance courses. Sasha is a Winner of different dance competitions in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Start from 2005 he was leading Yatran dance school (Ardrossan): teaching, composing dances, traveling and performing on different events. Start from 2010 he is teaching the Ukrainian dance club in Slave Lake and from 2012 - the Ukrainian dance club in Vilna. In 2008 and 2009 Sasha was running two summer seminars in Kashtan Ukrainian dance ensemble in Cleveland, USA.

Being the Assistant Artistic Director of Nadiya Choreographic Ensemble from 2008 Sasha was working with a new generation of Nadiya dancers by teaching ballet and coaching dances with them. He was rehearsing and polishing the main group choreographies, theoretically and practically prepare them for performances in Canada and worldwide. During 16 years Sasha performed with Nadiya more than 180 times as one of the best character dancers and perfectionist of technical and acrobatic presentations. In 2010 he performed with Virsky National Dance Company of Ukraine (the best Ukrainian professional dance ensemble in the world) twice during their tour in Canada. Sasha was privileged to make it because of his performing level in technique and professional dance experience. It was real recognition of his dance level given by Myroslav Vantukh, current Virsky Ensemble Artistic Director. Every summer Sasha was improving his knowledge in Ukrainian and other styles of dance while visiting Ukraine. Sometimes he travels and performs with Yunist Ensemble from Lviv, Ukraine where his parents used to dance and have being dance directors for more than 15 years before coming to Canada. His professional dance education and experience is improving without stop.